Following in Erasmus Darwin’s Footsteps

I thought I would  share with you a wonderful idea from a mother and son who are regular visitors to the house. 

Berti has been encouraged by his mother to follow in Erasmus Darwin’s footsteps  by creating his own Commonplace Book.

“I’m leaving the book to be totally his (no telling him what to put in it and no marking!) and he has already stuck the things in there.  The butterfly we found already dead whilst on one of our daily walks and the other drawings are of his catapult we made from a stick (that’s the boom bit) and his diagram of a trap to catch baddies.”

Well done Berti – Erasmus would have been thrilled to see your first page.

Now might be a great time to start our own Commonplace Book. Do share your pictures with us at

For more information on the history of commonplace books follow the link below

commonplace books