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Please note all schools need to pre-book at least 6 weeks’ in advance for any of the options listed. For details of how to make a booking please see below.

It is a special experience to learn in the home of Erasmus Darwin, a creative thinker and a man of many interests, who – along with his Lunar Society friends – was at the forefront of learning in the Eighteenth Century.

Our schools programme supports your teaching of the National Curriculum in History and Science:




History KS1 Significant historical events, people or places in your locality
History KS2 An aspect of history or a site dating from
a period beyond 1066 that is significant in your locality
Science KS1 Everyday materials (Y1/2)
Science KS2 Rocks and fossils (Y3)
Magnets (Y3)
Light (Y3 and Y6)
Sound (Y4)

Living things and their habitats (Y4)

The human body (Y4 and Y6)

Evolution (Y6)

_dsc5437jpg_30953870760_oWe offer:

  1. Visit (full or half day) with activities led by our trained Education Volunteers:
    • The Georgian Experience: Erasmus Darwin – his life and context, explored in his own home
    • Exciting Science: Science activities experienced in the home of an eminent scientist
    • Explore the Galapagos: find out about evolution and natural selection using resources from the Galapagos.

    For full details of activities within each package, please download the Information for Teachers Booklet.

  2. _dsc5422jpg_31207381111_oJoint visit (full day) with the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museums:
    • Learn with Lichfield’s Leading Lights: Two great 18th century characters on one full-day visit, including facilitated activities at both venues
  3. Self-guided visit: Suitable for a short visit. A trail sheet is available for schools to copy
  4. Discovery Boxes:
    Boxes of handling items, including background information on the artefacts, for use in the Museum or available to borrow for use in school:

    • Life at home in the 18th century
    • Medical history (the changing technology of medicine)
    • Rocks
    • Fossils

What schools have said about their visits to Erasmus Darwin House:

“A wonderful workshop and you made us feel very welcome.” St Joseph’s Primary School.

“The kids really engaged.” Erasmus Darwin Academy.

“A truly excellent visit which the children thoroughly enjoyed and which really made a difference to them. They learned a lot and had fun!”   Lichfield Cathedral Summer School.

“Gives an authentic insight into the history and lifestyle of the era. The children loved handling the objects. Fantastic! Brilliantly led!”  Fulfen Primary School.

“Will be encouraging other classes within school to make use of this excellent local resource.” St Peter and St Paul Primary School.

“Thank you for a fantastic visit! The children really enjoyed the activities. It is a great way to help the children to learn about famous people in Lichfield in a fun way. They all learned a lot.”  St Michael’s Primary School.

“We enjoyed how you provided the children with hands-on activities-this is just what our children need on a school trip. Our children have been bursting with enthusiasm during our topic lessons to share what they learned.” River View Primary School.

_dsc5413jpg_31178273422_oFor further information about our education activities, and for practical details, please download our booklet, Information for Teachers: Schools at Erasmus Darwin House.

To discuss a possible visit or if you have specific queries, please email, FAO Education Co-ordinator

You might like to consider combining a visit to Erasmus Darwin House with a visit to Lichfield Cathedral, which is immediately adjacent.


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