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Learning in the home of Erasmus Darwin is a truly unique experience! He was a creative thinker and a man of many interests, who – along with his Lunar Society friends – was at the forefront of learning in the 18th Century.  Here, at Darwin House, we offer unique sessions for schools, led by our team of experienced teachers, including a full Georgian experience – to really bring your topics to life!


Come and help to pack Dr Darwin’s bag – ready for his house calls – then learn all about Darwin House’s kitchen and servants, or maybe you’d like to take a look at the Georgian’s elaborate wardrobe, with some dressing up fun!


Or maybe a Science Visit would be of interest? We have a wide range of Science Sessions available, sure to inspire and excite visitors of all ages!


To find out more, please get in touch by email:

Please note, we ask that schools pre-book at least 4 weeks in advance.



National Curriculum Links


Our schools programme supports your teaching of the National Curriculum in History and Science:

History KS1 Significant historical events, people or places in your locality
History KS2 An aspect of history or a site dating from
a period beyond 1066 that is significant in your locality
Science KS2 Rocks and fossils (Y3)
KS2 Living things and their habitats (Y4)
KS2 Evolution (Y6)


Half-Day Visit (2 hours) with activities led by our trained Education Volunteers


History Focus 

  • ‘Packing Dr Darwin’s Bag’: explore the day-to-day life of Erasmus Darwin, working as a respected local doctor; also take a look at his home and learn what it was like to live in Georgian Lichfield (1hour) AND
  • ‘The Kitchen and Servants’: experience domestic life as a servant at Darwin House, 260 years ago, (this session includes the chance to try on servants’ outfits and explore artefacts from the kitchen) (1hour) OR
  • ‘The Georgian Wardrobe’: an opportunity to dress up as the children of the house!  Look at some fancy items of clothing and artefacts from a Georgian dressing table, while discussing how fashions and materials have changed over time.


Science Focus

If you are keen to visit the home of an eminent 18th Century doctor and inventor, we can discuss a session tailored to your school’s needs. We have a number of Science exhibits at the museum and we can lead sessions including:

  • ‘Erasmus Darwin – Scientist and Inventor’: looking at his influential work, his inventions and his varied Scientific interests AND/OR 
  • ‘The Galapagos’: using resources from the Galapagos to learn about evolution and natural selection, just like Erasmus’s grandson Charles Darwin AND/OR
  • ‘Fossils and Geological Time’: finding out about fossils and the age of the Earth.



Tailoring Visits to your Topics

Please speak to us if you would like to arrange a visit to cover another topic, whether that’s for History, Science or another subject, we will usually be able to tailor our activities to suit your needs.


Costs and Group Numbers


Standard Half-Day Visit (2 hours) – £5 per child.

  • One class per visit (please let us know your class size when you first enquire).
  • Each child participates in two activities, with the class being split into two equal groups.






“A wonderful workshop and you made us feel very welcome.” St Joseph’s Primary School.

“The kids really engaged.” Erasmus Darwin Academy.

“A truly excellent visit which the children thoroughly enjoyed and which really made a difference to them. They learned a lot and had fun!”   Lichfield Cathedral Summer School.

“Gives an authentic insight into the history and lifestyle of the era. The children loved handling the objects. Fantastic! Brilliantly led!”  Fulfen Primary School.

“Will be encouraging other classes within school to make use of this excellent local resource.” St Peter and St Paul Primary School.

“Thank you for a fantastic visit! The children really enjoyed the activities. It is a great way to help the children to learn about famous people in Lichfield in a fun way. They all learned a lot.”  St Michael’s Primary School.

“We enjoyed how you provided the children with hands-on activities-this is just what our children need on a school trip. Our children have been bursting with enthusiasm during our topic lessons to share what they learned.” River View Primary School.




To book, please give us a call on: 01543 306260

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Please plan your visit as far in advance as possible (at least four weeks before the visit date), as this gives us time to accommodate your requests.





Download our Teacher Booklet here: Teacher Booklet 2024 Updated (this is essential reading before a visit, including copies of our risk assessments).


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