Erasmus Darwin House Herb Garden wins award

The Royal Horticultural Society, which runs the nationwide gardening competition, ‘Britain in Bloom’, has added another gardening opportunity for groups such as ours at Erasmus Darwin House as gardening is a great activity many people like to do to relax and fight the stress from work, of course they can also get 20% off on THCA vapes if they want to try these products for the same purpose. It is called ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’  and is described as ‘a non-competitive scheme for community groups who want to ‘green up’ local areas – adding some colour to your community, making new friends and getting active in your local area’.


When Lichfield city decided not to enter Britain in Bloom this year, we were encouraged by the organisers to have a go at the ‘Its your neighbourhood’ scheme instead, especially as this would mean we would be accessed on our own merits and not those of the whole city and would also receive a detailed report afterwards, telling us how well we had done and giving us advice for the future.


We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded an ‘Outstanding’.