Herb Garden

_dsc5843-the-walkwayOur Garden at Erasmus Darwin House is a joy to wander through or sit in at any time of the year. Captivating scents of herbs and roses accost you, especially on a beautiful sunny day, and you can wonder at the huge variety of plants and herbs on show, all with a history behind them. The gardens are formally divided into Mrs. Darwin’s culinary herb garden and Dr Darwin’s medicinal herb garden and all plants are clearly labelled with both common and botanical names. All of this is only made possible by the unceasing commitment and botanical knowledge of our garden volunteers.

garden-12A booklet featuring 12 culinary and 12 medicinal herbs (although a number have both uses) is available from the Gift Shop and no.9 Cathedral Book Shop and makes a very interesting read.

An ‘A’ board in the walkway through the garden gives you interesting facts of our Plant of the Month.

There is also a post box on the raised area which contains activity sheets. Please help yourself to these.

We also make use of our garden as a useful resource for visiting school groups and for our science workshops for children.

_dsc5850-welcome-culClick this link if you’d like more information on becoming a Garden Volunteer

Plant of the Month

Visit our Herb Garden any day of the week to see Hellebore.

Helleborus niger

This plant is often known as Christmas or Lenten Rose but they are quite unrelated to roses. They are herbaceous perennial, often evergreen.

A word of warning: Hellebore are poisonous!


Guided Tours of our Garden

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Herb Garden Gallery